Handy advice, in the palm of your hand

Now it’s really easy to keep track of the medicine you’re giving your little one, using the CALPOL® App.


And you’ll find lots of other great features to help you take care of your child when they’re feeling poorly.

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Designed for mums and dads

We’ve all been there: struggling to remember what time we last gave our little one a dose of medicine. Or trying to look up a pharmacy address online with one hand whilst trying to comfort a poorly baby with the other.

So that’s why we created the CALPOL® App – with lots of handy features to help you look after your little one.

Everything is personalised to your little one’s age and sex, from products suggested, to upcoming immunisations. And the App will even read out our advice on symptoms and treatment tips when you’re too tired to read.


Download for free today and see how it can help.

What’s in the App?

  • Dosage diary – helps you track the medicine you’re giving your child
  • Temperature tracker – helps you monitor your little one’s fever
  • Soothers – play calming lullabies from your phone
  • Symptom checker – a handy guide to symptoms and treatment tips
  • Find my nearest pharmacy or hospital – see where they are on your phone’s map
  • Immunisation calendar – see what’s needed, set reminders, and call your doctor for an appointment
  • Products – discover our whole range of products and how they can help


Download CALPOL® App for iPhone  Download CALPOL® App for Android

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